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Monday, March 9, 2009

Below is the link to the BBC news item concerning the artificial lung :-

Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 3rd Meeting

Sad news for the group is that Beverley has resigned as secretary, her contributions and bubbly personality were of real benefit to the group and we will miss her greatly.

The combined meeting with other groups attending to listen to the Haemair presentation was well attended.

The presentation was very interesting and demonstrated how a 'simple' device will, in the not too distant future, be able to oxygenate blood. It is very compact and doesn't use oxygen but simply air which is pumped through the device , due to pressure differentials oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged. This increase in the oxygen level in the blood will relieve the pressure on the users lungs and will enable them to rest and recover rather than force them to work harder through mechanically supported breathing.

The first tests of the device will be in emergency medicine and conditions such as acute respiratory infections. This is currently planned to start within 16 months.

There will be other 'spin offs' which will be used in existing medical equipment so the overall progress from this research will impact upon many people.

Our next meeting will include the AGM and is on April 7th at 2:00PM

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today's meeting has been CANCELLED for obvious reasons !

Stay in the warm and look after yourselves until next month.......

All the best, Brian

Monday, January 19, 2009

Evening Post article Friday Jan 16th

BEVERLEY Roberts suffers with brittle asthma, and she is far from alone.

Her condition is a severe form of the illness, so severe that intensive medication and a trip to hospital could be needed. There are about 1,500 sufferers in the UK, but that is not what gives her comfort.

It is the support she gets from Swansea Bay Breathe Easy group, which was formed three years ago, and which Beverley is now secretary of.

Now, she is backing Evening Post charity of the year British Lung Foundation Wales (BLF) in its call for more people to join such groups.

"The BLF and Breathe Easy support groups provide essential help, support and advice to anyone who has a lung condition, and their families," she said.

Click here!

"I would urge anyone with a lung condition to join the BLF and go to their local meeting, where they will find a warm welcome.

"The daily challenges of living with lung disease are not easy, and people often find themselves becoming isolated, and afraid nobody understands what they are going through. Within the groups, firm friendships have been established. Members look out for one another, offering comfort and support.

"Since I became involved with the BLF I am more positive about living with brittle asthma, and the daily grind of nebulisers and other medications, coughing, wheezing and lifestyle changes."

Interacting with Swansea Bay Breathe Easy works for Beverley, and BLF Wales has good news for other sufferers. More such groups are on their way this year.

It is one of the items on the organisation's wish-list for 2009. It signs off as the Post's charity of the year at the end of next month, but is keen to go out on a high — with two areas of improvement in its sights.

The first is for a greater understanding of lung disease, so people get diagnosed earlier.

One in five people in Wales have some type of lung disease, varying in severity from mild asthma to lung cancer. But many are unaware of the symptoms, and fail to get an accurate diagnosis of their condition.

Undiagnosed and untreated, lung disease can progress rapidly — often having a very negative effect on the life of the affected person and those around them.

One of the main reasons lung disease goes undiagnosed is because people put up with the symptoms — slight breathlessness, an annoying cough — rather than seeing their doctor. Many attribute their symptoms to "smoker's cough", and consider them normal.

One of the most common forms of lung disease is COPD, an umbrella term for conditions including bronchitis and emphysema. It is estimated that 3.6 million people in the UK have it, and, of these, 2.7 million people have yet to be properly diagnosed.

Worryingly, 89 per cent of people in the UK have never heard of COPD, and remain unaware of the importance of quick and accurate diagnosis — something that is important for all types of disease.

"When diagnosed early, patients can receive appropriate treatment which can significantly improve their quality of life, health and well-being," said Emrys Evans, BLF Wales chairman.

Charity chief Chris Mulholland said: "This year, we will be campaigning hard for significant improvements to services for people with lung disease. People who have problems with their lungs have been waiting far too long. We want 2009 to be the year when they are made a national priority."

BLF Wales's second goal is better services, including full pulmonary rehabilitation services available to all sufferers.

Pulmonary rehabilitation courses are carefully designed programmes that help sufferers get active and stay in control of their condition. They can then remain at home, and are less likely to have to go into hospital.

Services are not provided everywhere in Wales, but in 2009 the charity is after major advances to give everyone who would benefit from attending a course the chance to do so.

Information about Breathe Easy is available on 01792 455764. The helpline number is 08458 505020. BLF Wales is also planning to involve more people in its already popular PenPals scheme, for people with lung disease and their carers. Information is available from Louise Daintrey at the British Lung Foundation head office on 020 7688 5555.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dates for your diary :-

February 3rd - AGM

March 3rd - An open meeting to which all local groups will be invited.

The main item will be a presentation by the research group from Swansea University who are developing a freestanding lung. The research team consist of three separate units - Haemair Ltd who are the company developing the unit, the Fluids and Nanotechnology team within the University, and Dr Adrian Evans who is an A & E specialist at Morriston hospital.

I'm sure this will be an interesting and informative presentation so I urge as many of you as possible to come along.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Notes of the meeting on the 4th November

This was well attended and as we had many items to discuss we didn't have a guest speaker. 'Invitation' cards and posters were issued for distribution to surgeries etc to advertise our group as widely as possible.
We are holding two events for COPD week, one at Singleton hospital and one at Morriston hospital. We have managed to get a site inside the main foyer at Singleton this year so we should be warmer !

Arrangements are now in full swing for our Christmas Fayre on Sat 29th Nov. Anyone who has small gifts/bottles/cans/bric-a brac or anything we could sell please let one of the committee know or drop me an e-mail from this blog - see 'view my complete profile' above.

On Thursday 27th Nov we will once again be visiting the Pul. Rehab course at Singleton and have had more durable cards printed with our details which we will issue. This month we had a new recruit from the last pul. rehab. course.

On Thursday December 11th we have our Christmas Dinner at Sketty Hall, the cost will be approximately £10 each, if your interested please contact Beverley or myself for details ASAP as we need to confirm numbers.

Friday, September 5, 2008

This months meeting was held on Tuesday 2nd, attendance was good, the weather was terrible !

I reported back on the Llanarthny meeting, as a consequence it was decided that our local campaigning would be on improving access to pulmonary rehabilitation and GP referral to exercise classes.

Lynne Sandhu from Air Products gave an interesting talk regarding supply and types of oxygen therapy that are available.

Our evening meal will be at The King Arthur on Wed17th September, leaving Holy Trinity Church at 17:00. Transport yet to be arranged depending upon numbers.

Christmas Fayre this year will be held on Saturday 29th November in the afternoon, any ideas for stalls or volunteers to man them etc. most welcome.

A reminder of two forthcoming events, BLF conference on 11th Nov at the Brangwyn Hall and World COPD day on November 19th, arrangements for the latter, location etc. to be arranged.

Next Meeting will be Tuesday 7th October 14:00 as usual.